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Custom Software Design

One of the most essential parts of any software project is the planning phase. Through the course of a number of meetings, we will thoroughly document your solution’s requirements in a way that not only puts them in writing, but expedites the development process itself. We will provide you with detailed diagrams and formal specifications that illustrate the flow of logic and processes in your application. Additionally, we include mock screens in our Software Design Documentation so that you can get an idea of how the final product will look before we even start developing.

After an initial meeting where we get the details of what you need your application to do, we will investigate the best platform to meet your specific needs. From there, we will work on determining the feasibility of your application (Proof of Concept) and deliver an estimate of the amount of time required.


Here we address the questions your team members asks each day. What happens if I could share these data with my colleagues? What happens if I could calculate how this information releases? What happens if I could show my client a project in a few seconds? What happens if I could deliver this in a button click? What happens if I never had to mail this report?

If you are in need of Custom Software Development or a Custom Windows Application for your line of business, you can trust in our experience. Code Authority has worked with countless small to large businesses providing them with the very best in Windows Software Solutions.

We are pleased to learn to know you, we are beginning to know about your company, and most importantly, we must know your problems.

We do custom software development and other IT related stuff for business and Companies.

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